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Louboutin goes gold!

To commemorate the marking of the 50th Golden Jubilee of the United Arab Emirates, Christian Louboutin unveils an exclusive global collection. Inspired by the local Emiratis’ traditional hand crafting techniques; each piece is authentically unique and finished with the finest of handmade touches. The color gold is intricately woven into each individual piece of the collection, adding an ornate touch to the collection in honor of the country’s achievements.

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The exclusive collection embodies the magnificent world of inspiration taken from the UAE, celebrating the exuberant spirit of the Emirati culture alongside the power of their wonderful imagination. The end result is a creative display of design that showcases this spirit, all the while remaining loyal to the core Parisian essence of the house.

“Handicraft is a common language with different forms of expression all over the world…I worship handicraft and artisans. It is a school of respect.”

A common practice of the Maison is to seek out artisanal traditions all over the world and integrate these traditional elements into the Atelier’s own designs, highlighting two of Christian’s intertwined passions – craftmanship and travel.

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Materials sourced in the UAE make sure to highlight the legacy of the country’s ancestors and fabrics that decorated their childhood. Sadu, a traditional technique of hand-woven embroidery, is used throughout the collection, a homage to the valuable contribution that traditional Emirati women made to their society. Fishing nets, collected from the shores of the UAE have also been upcycled to illustrate the importance of traditional pearl diving in the Arabian Gulf waters. One of the UAE’s most treasured traditions, pearl diving. Gold coins have also been adopted to honor the distinguished period of the country’s achievements over the past 50 years. The Ghutra, the white headscarf part of the Emirati man’s dress and a recognizable sign of the nation, can be found on the collection’s bags alongside an illustration of an Abra, the oldest form of public transformation in the UAE. Both national symbols allow the wearer to hold with pride a piece of the country. Last, but not least, the Jalabiya, commonly worn by Emirati women, is found in the collection in a playful pop-art version of red and white polka dots.

“I’ve always been inspired by people and culture from all around the world. The United Arab Emirates has a very dear place in my heart. Through my frequent travels there, I’ve discovered a very rich and deep culture and met exceptional craftsmen and exceptional people. This capsule is an homage to all those people and the savoir-faire making the UAE a unique place, a melting pot of cultures, which is exactly aligned with the way I rule my life and my work. Mixing shapes, colors and textures from this rich nation and building this collection with materials that have been created by these skilled craftsmen of the nation has been a great joy for me.”

The Golden Capsule has a timely launch alongside the Expo 2020 Dubai, an exciting showcase for the UAE. The exhibition is the first ever World Expo held in the region and the first to be host by an Arab Nation. The Golden Capsule not only celebrates the rich heritage of the Emirati culture, but also the incredible progression of the nation in such a short time.

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